About us

We are a specialist organization carrying out specialist work in a highly specialized field.

Our work is not limited to selling tickets and excursions, hotel rooms or cabins aboard ships, nor is it organizing events.

We do not simply offer a trip … we offer THE TRIP with unforgettable experiences that you can share with your friends and family.

What we principally provide to our clients is an efficient, serious, reliable service with a high level of training and a sense of professional responsibility.

Each traveler is an individual to us, a Very Important Person and we have to treat him as such.

We have had the opportunity to work for several travel agencies gaining a lot of experience in the design and planning of trips for all kinds of clients, between domestic and foreign passengers, foreign tour operators and local travel agencies, we have traveled all over the country Which allowed us to know a lot about each city, the people, the food and the most important places to visit.

After 12 years of experience working in highly recognized travel agencies we took the big step to start a tour operator with the same philosophy that characterizes us, which is CUSTOMER SERVICE.

At present, PERU TRAVEL MAJESTIC is based on sales through the internet in which we design customized tourist packages as well as offer suggested programs.